No more dry meat from freezing and thawing

Tips from some of Australia’s best restaurants and chefs:

1. Freeze the chicken as fast as possible. Ideally < 2 hours to rock hard. Don't overfill the freezer, put chicken near cold air outlets (if frost free), consider putting frozen object (think lemon/orange) inside chicken cavity to speed up the process. Commercial kitchens can freeze a chicken sold in under 30 minutes. It's all to do with water crystals forming and pushing out the moisture from the meat. Cryovac portions if you can, whole chicken in a bag is okay with skin on. 2. Defrosting is the opposite, low and slow, never defrost at room temp. Good meat, that retains moisture is in a fridge and left with minimal movement to thaw - allow 24 hours in the fridge. Remove any frozen objects from cavity when removing from freezer. Most plated meat that is dry (especially breast meat) is dried out when freezing, thawing (especially microwaving) or you guessed it - over cooking. Many amateur chefs use a $20 leave in meat thermometer that alerts you when the inner temp is right - you'll never over cook again. 3. If you have to thaw in a microwave - low and slow - use the defrost settings or the 10% setting and let it go slower - it's tempting to whack it up to full power and get the white cooked edges on your meat - if you do it this way get the gravy ready, because it'll be a dry ride wink emoticon Friendly food tip #1, #2 and #3 ! Like the food tips? Leave us a comment or a question! Want tasty chicken? Pick up on the farm and buy online at Cheers Matt & Karen