Retail Customers

Hi Chicken Lover,

We love our retail customers – you visit our farm, you provide real feedback and it is you that motivates our family to create nutritious food for all of us.

We offer farm pick up by arrangement – we normally process the chickens on Monday’s and offer pick up from Tuesday – other days can be arranged, it’s as simple as asking – if we are on the farm then it’s always doable.

If we’re not swamped in work, then please ask us to show you around – there is nothing to hide on this chicken farm – if you do want to have a stickybeak (no pun intended) then make sure you pack some clean appropriate farm footwear.

Buying chicken

There are four ways to buy, just to make it confusing:

  1. Place a standing order – this is most convenient for everyone and our most popular – just call us, we’ll put aside a certain number of chickens per week or per fortnight and we’ll do everything to make sure your order is on time and in full. Just call 0438 004 280 – please be aware we are currently booked out 3 weeks in advance and the wait times are getting longer.
  2. Place your orders in advance – it’s simple, you place it here, and we do the best we can to have your order in full on the requested Tuesday. Click here to order and pay.
  3. If you don’t want to wait, join our immediate waiting list. Each Monday whatever hasn’t sold goes to our waiting list, the waiting list is the newsletter – sign up at the top right of this page.
  4. If the internets aren’t your thing – just call us on 0438 004 280 – we’ll figure something out.


Smaller – 1.1 – 1.3kg (we don’t have many of these, they don’t make much financial sense for you or us – serves 1-2 people)

Medium – 1.4g through to 1.7kg (serves 2-3 people)

Large – 1.8 through to 2.1kg (most common size we sell – serves 3-5 people)

Huge – 2.2kg + (we don’t get too many of these either – they’re difficult to process – serves lots of people )